KC Clay Guild is a nonprofit ceramic arts center.  KCCG offers classes for all skill levels, open pottery studios, and workshops.  We are open to every member of the Kansas City community.

Firing Status Updates

Gas Kiln 1 (Albatross)  Loading 8/16, Firing 8/18, Unloading 8/21

Gas Kiln 2 (Schuh Box) 

Oval Electric Loaded 8/15, Firing 8/16, Unloading 8/18

Round Electric Unloaded bisque 8/16

Small Electric Loaded Cone 6 8/16

Upcoming Classes and Events

Monday-Thursday 10AM-9PM, Friday-Saturday 10AM-10PM, Sunday 1PM-5PM

KC Clay Guild is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 200 West 74th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64114

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