2022 Jurors: Takuro and Hitomi Shibata



We are Japanese natives, lived and worked in Shigaraki which is one of the oldest pottery villages in Japan. We came to USA in 2001 to learn American ceramics. Now we live in Seagrove, NC which is the biggest potters community in USA. Takuro is the director of STARworks Ceramics and researches NC wild clays. Hitomi works at a home studio where we built Japanese style wood kilns, and maintain our pottery business, “Studio Touya”. We make ceramic work using wild clays and wood firing techniques, go to conferences, workshops and symposiums to talk about our clay stories, and participate in national & international ceramic art exhibitions and events to see interesting ceramic people, cultures and materials.


Takuro Shibata has a Bachelor of Engineering in applied chemistry from Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan. His interest in ceramics led him to become an apprentice in Shigaraki. Takuto&Hitomi moved to Seagrove, NC after Takuro accepted the position as director of STARworks Ceramics in 2005. Since then, he has developed a national reputation as a ceramic artist and wild clay specialist. He’s been prominently featured in the media and shared during many exhibitions, workshops, publications and conferences nationally and internationally. International Academy of Ceramics member (2019).

Hitomi Shibata is a female ceramic artist in Seagrove, NC, with ceramic art degrees (B.Ed&M.Ed) from Okayama University, Japan. She lived and worked as a ceramic artist in Shigaraki. Rotary International scholarship brought her to USA in 2001, and she studied at UMass-Dartmouth. She is a member of International Academy of Ceramics since (2017) and Artaxis (2021), and has participated in many exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Their first book, “Wild Clay” (Bloomsbury Publishing, London, UK) will be published in Oct 2022.

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